It’s not what you know that will hurt you… it’s what you don’t know.

John Clark has a rare kind of wisdom. The kind that protects property owners from poor assessment. When it comes to the accuracy and fairness of your assessed property values, John Clark leaves nothing to chance.

Almost 5 million properties are assessed in Ontario. Assessments are based on opinion of worth, and it may be in your best interest to get a second opinion. John Clark has an opinion worth considering.

Armed with a deep understanding of property, gained through years of property valuation and assessment experience, John sees your assets in ways you simply can’t.  He forensically scours assessment records, tax forms and market data to ensure that you’ve been assessed fairly. You would be shocked at the errors John has found and the savings he has uncovered for his clients.

There’s simply too much at stake to just assume you’ve been assessed accurately and fairly. John Clark leaves nothing to chance.

Call him today for a no obligation appointment.

The Regional Group
1737 Woodward Drive, 2nd Floor
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
K2C 0P9

For Canada as well as Ottawa Commercial Real Estate Appraisals, speak with John Clark. 

Please contact John Clark at :
613-230-2100 OR

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