White Paper

Stop Your CFO from Paying Someone Else’s Property TaxesDid you know you may be subsidizing your competitors — and paying too much in property tax – both at the same time?

It’s true.

Stop Your CFO from Paying Someone Else’s Property Taxes — How to eliminate 3 innocent mistakes that may lead to you subsidizing your competitor’s business” gives you guidance on topics like these:

– Why tax assessors often arrive at the wrong valuation for your property — and how you are overpaying your taxes as a result…
– Why your Accounts Payable person should never pay another property tax bill without first checking with you…
– How to avoid costly personality conflicts with tax assessors (the case study of how one 5-year property tax dispute was solved in 4 hours may astound you)…
–  Why to expect the best, but prepare for the worst — done right, a tax assessment appeal may be the best decision you make this year, because the money goes straight to your bottom line.

It’s all in plain English — you don’t need a Ph.D. to understand it.

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